The Service Privacy Policy

We know that you care how your information is used and shared, and we appreciate your trust that we will do so carefully and sensibly protecting your privacy and security. This document explains in more details the Service Privacy Policy pursuant to the Terms of Service.

1. Information you are submitting into the Service

1.1 Generally. The Service Privacy Policy covers “Account Information” and “Your Content” as defined in the Definitions of the Terms of Service.

1.2 Patient’s Content. The Patient submits to the Service their Complaints and text messages to the Registered Medics solving the Complaint tasks. Each Complaint and its appropriate text messages are protected with the password. We recommend to use strong passwords. If Patient uses no password the Service sets standard password 123456. If Patient loses the nonstandard Complaint password it cannot be restored or changed. So the Complaint and its appropriate text messages becomes inaccessible.

Complaints are isolated each other.

On submission, the Patient allows/disallows opening the Complaint to Registered Medics and Regional Medical Emergency Service separately. If allowed by the Patient, the Service emails Regional Medical Emergency Service on this Complaint (to appropriate public email address). If disallowed to both, the Complaint is accessible to the Patient only.

The Complaint has restricted lifespan in the Service – 3 months. It will be deleted after lifespan expiration unless some Registered Medic(s) has bound it (for instance, if the Complaint task requires more time to be solved).

1.3 Registered Medic’s Account Information. Individual, human team, entrepreneur or entity submits their private and sensitive information on Medic Account creation and must protect it with password. We recommend to use strong passwords.

Registered Medic Accounts are isolated each other. Registered Medic can change their Account Information.

1.4 Registered Medic’s Content. The Registered Medics review each Complaint that was opened to them by the Patient. The Registered Medic creates workout for the Complaint they are interested in. The workout consists of diagnostic section (the Registered Medic internal work, with the access restricted to this Registered Medic) and report section intended for cooperation with the Patient. The Registered Medic submits the report to the Patient whenever this Registered Medic wants. Then appropriate Patient can reply to the report, Registered Medic replies to the Patient’s foregoing message and so forth.

This Content is protected with the Registered Medic Account password. Registered Medic Contents are isolated each other.

2. Practices, Functionality, and Infrastructure the Service uses

2.1 Generally. We use best practices and best corporate-grade functionality and cloud hosting to receive, handle and persist Service(s) Content, Account Information, and Your Content.

2.2 Information Security and Data Privacy. All network connections and data transfer between the Service web site , your browsers on smartphones / tablets / computers, and dedicated mobile app(s) are protected with SSL certificate(s) and https.

3. Changes

3.1 Generally. The Service Privacy Policy may be updated by us from time to time.


Last updated March 22, 2017