News from the 'Health Hub'

July 5, 2017


Android App Helptor 0.6 released.

Release 0.6 adds text input of Patient details and medical case / health problem report for Complaint.

May 15, 2017


The 'Health Hub' Internet Service (hereinafter referred to as Service) enters into free operation since May 15, 2017, in PUBLIC BETA Testing in the territory of Ukraine.

The Service is secure and comfortable place where any individual (the Patient) informatively and quickly reports his/her need in medical care and health promotion (creates the Complaint), and Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Medical Labs, Healing Sanatoriums, Rehabilitation Centers, and other medical entities (the Registered Medics) quickly and effectively analyze the Complaint and evaluate their own ability and interest in the Patient service to solve his/her problem. Patients and Registered Medics communicate each other in secured and comfortable environment on the Service web site.

Now Patient can submit his/her Complaint in browser or Android App Helptor. Now the Service operates in PUBLIC BETA Testing in the territory of Ukraine. Working languages are English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Completion of the PUBLIC BETA Testing, transition to commercial operation of the Service and related changes will be announced as appropriately.

At the Patient desire, Complaint may be accessed by Registered Medics for analysis and service and/or emailed about to regional Medical Emergency Service 103 or similar one like 03, 112, 911. Also, Patient can submit completely condidential Complaint secured with password and accessible only to whom the Patient notifies the address of the Service site, number, and password of the Complaint. Complaints are stored by the Service during 3 months free of charge and after that are deleted automatically unless at least one Registered Medic has secured the Complaint from being deleted (has binded the file).

Complaint is able to contain text description of the case or problem, audio, video, images, and geolocation data. It is in the interest of the very Patient to point the address of the Complaint place. Then geolocation data (latitude and longitude) can be automatically determined almost always and his/her Complaint most likely will fall to field of view of local Registered Medics. Registered Medics may by their choice set up restricted service area which is the circle with defined radius and centered at their address (say, the circle centered on Independence Square in Kyiv with radius 50 km). Also, Registered Medics themselves decide whether the Service should pass them for consideration the Complaints with incomplete or without geolocation data.

After the Service received Complaint (in fact, in real time or with the delay depending on the availability and quality of Internet access in the place of the Complaint) Registered Medics obtain immediate access to the Complaint and can analyze and evaluate their ability and interest to react to the Complaint and help to the Patient under the terms of (voluntary, commercial, ...), which they set for themselves.

Approprite regional Medical Emergency Service 103 will be immediately automatically emailed about submitted Complaint if the Patient desires it, the Complaint includes geolocation data, and regional Medical Emergency Service 103 or similar one like 03, 112, 911 has public email.

We hope the Service does help people be healthy, happy, and strong!