The Health Hub

is the Internet service that is contributing to the health promotion and providing medical care for people.

The mission of the team of the Health Hub is to provide a secure and comfortable place on the Internet where individuals (the Patients) can informatively, quickly, and free of charge report their need in medical care and health promotion by submitting the Complaints. While Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Medical Labs, Healing Sanatoriums, Rehabilitation Centers, and other medical entities (the Medics) can free register in the Service, quickly and effectively analyze the Complaints and evaluate their own ability and interest in the Patients service to solve their problems.

In the case of mutual interest the Patient and the Registered Medic(s) use the Service resources to ensure the confidential cooperation under the terms of (voluntary, commercial, ...), which they set for themselves.

Now the Service operates in PUBLIC BETA Testing in the territory of Ukraine. Working languages are English, Russian, and Ukrainian.