Health Hub

is a comfortable, simple, fast, and safe service for patients, doctors, clinics, and other health care entities.

Here patients find their better health care and better doctors. Free.

Here doctors, clinics, and other health care entities select their patients. They effectively treat and earn, create partnerships and teams.
They start and pick up the pace for free.

Here you, patients, doctors, and clinics are always in touch.

Here your personal data are top secured.


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The Complaint is a Patient's Medical Complaint about his/her Health


The mobile app 'Helptor', ver.2, is under development now.

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Why do patients need Health Hub? Imagine a patient with a complicated / not diagnosed disease or health disorder. He / she has visited all known doctors and all available clinics, consulted with family and relatives, friends and colleagues – to no avail :(. So, give up and come what may? Health Hub grants a patient an additional chance to compete for their life and health when he / she submits his Health Complaint to Health Hub.

Sign up to Health Hub as the Patient. It is not obligatory, but will provide you with the most service. File your Complaint, attach video, photos, or audio. Refer to doctors or clinics specifying their specialty or contacts.

Start with those who are geographically more accessible. No luck? Expand your geography of search or make several attempts! As well known, the Medicine progresses rapidly now. New methods of diagnosis and treatment emerge! New medicals! New bright minds and medical teams!

If you have a circle of doctors and clinics – transfer your interaction with them to Health Hub! All your Complaints, Health Records, schedule of visits, promotions and offers, other stuff will be in one place, conveniently organized and always available!


Why do doctors, diagnostic centers, clinics, hospitals, labs, sanatoriums (the Medics) need Health Hub? It is the source of Patients, authority and income, the springboard of professional growth. Health Hub helps the Medics to maximize revenue from the Patients, provides organizational support, maintains financial records. At Health Hub, the Medic can build partnerships and teams for the treatment of Patients, run marketing campaigns (ads, promotions, discounts) integrated with social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

At Health Hub, Patients may want to submit their Complaints to their physician, several specific doctors, clinics, or a whole class of Medics.

On considering the Complaints, Medic can select the appropriate Patients, eliminating unnecessary ones. For the selected Patients, Medic provides the most complete treatment, and, for himself / herself, increases the authority, loyalty of the Patients, maximum income and professional growth.

For example, by giving the Patient the maximum possible treatment (or after consulting if the Patient has turned out “not his / her”), the Medic can see that the Patient needs further treatment from another Medic. At Health Hub, a Medic can refer a Patient to another Medic, negotiating his / her interest (commission) with him. Health Hub, on the other hand, will build the Medic's balance and prevent cash leaks. Health Hub supports Medic-to-Patient communication, planning Patient visits, keeping Health Records, and more.


Health Hub is a friendly, simple, and intuitive service. Proceed in Health Hub as it seems to you naturally. Something is unclear? Try it! You will break nothing! Remember, you have at your fingertips Health Hub online help system and support team.

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